Best Sulforaphane Supplement Grown from Organic Calabrese Seeds

We start by using the very best organic broccoli seeds.

The Calabrese variety of broccoli seeds is known to contain particularly high levels of glucoraphanin, which contributes to its high sulforaphane content.

Research has also shown that the Calabrese variety has a higher myrosinase activity compared to other varieties, meaning even more sulforaphane is produced when you take your capsules. So far so good.

Best Sulforaphane Supplement made from 3 day old organic broccoli sprouts

We harvest the sprouts at the perfect time.

Just three days. That's all it takes for these tiny super sprouts to reach optimum levels of sulforaphane production power.

And yes, they may not look as pretty as their few day older luscious microgreen cousins, but we're not here for looks, we're here for strength - and these guys know how to pack a punch.

Best Sulforaphane Supplement - Five Times The Strength

We then give them their special superpowers.

Ok, so they've actually started to look worse... but it will be worth it in the end - we promise!

In fact, our unique and gentle freeze-drying process adds the real magic to SulfaMax™ by performing three very important tasks:

  • Task 1) Keep all that goodness...

    We're able to retain over 98% of the sprouts nutritional values, including keeping the precious enzymes intact.

    This alone is a huge advantage over other drying techniques as protecting the amount of glucoraphanin and myrosinase is probably the most important part.

  • Task 2) ...give them 5x the power...

    At the same time, this process removes the water weight of the sprouts by more than 80% - so we can get a lot more of the sprouts into your capsules.

    (Don't tell anyone, but this is the secret behind how we manage to squeeze over 250 sprouts into a single daily serving).

  • Task 3) ...then double it!

    Recent studies have shown that during the freezing process the sprouts lose their ability to create sulforaphane nitrile (something our bodies actually don't need), which means the enzymes can now focus purely of creating the good sulforaphane - but with a 1.5 to 2 fold increase!

Best Sulforaphane Supplement - SulfaMax Organic Broccoli Sprouts

We know that every superhero needs a good sidekick.

BioActiva™ One is our own blend of organic black pepper and organic mustard powder.

We add just a small sprinkle of this to the powdered sprouts to give the capsules an extra boost of myrosinase as well as helping with bioavailability - ensuring as much as possible of the sulforaphane goodness is absorbed into our body.

SulfaMax - The Best Sulforaphane Supplement - Finished Capsules

They're finally ready to go off and do good.

We encapsulate them in small batches, using organic pullulan vegan capsules.

And that's it. Our whole process from start to finish. 100% organic, without fillers, hidden sugars, or any other unnecessary ingredients.

Fresh, natural, pure, goodness...

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