Sulforaphane Supplement from 250 Organic Broccoli Sprouts

Sulforaphane, the nutritional wonder.

Sulforaphane has been extensively studied in thousands of tests and is proven to provide many incredible health benefits.

We've written a collection of articles to help summarise these findings which you can read by visiting the Sulforaphane Knowledge Centre.

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Best Sulforaphane Supplement - SulfaMax - Daily Capsules

🌱 SulfaMax™, the best sulforaphane supplement.

Our process has been developed to produce the absolute best sulforaphane supplement available; from the variety of organic broccoli seeds we've chosen and their growing duration, to our unique gentle freeze-drying process and adding of our BioActiva™ One complex.

Everything we do is to ensure you receive the very best sulforaphane supplement for your health.

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Best Sulforaphane Supplement Nrf2 Activation

🌱 SulfaMax™, the high-strength organic sulforaphane supplement that gets your body running properly, on a cellular level.

Sulforaphane helps you feel better, look better, and get better. It's the most powerful natural Nrf2 pathway activator, which plays a big part in your health and wellbeing.

The Nrf2 pathway is in almost all the cells in your body. It tells them what they need to do in order to perform at their optimum level.

This is why sulforaphane supplements have such a wide range of powerful benefits. See these sections for more information on specific benefits:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is SulfaMax™ the best sulforaphane supplement?

There are several sulforaphane supplements available on the market, so why choose ours? First off, it's all we do. We focus purely on producing the very best sulforaphane supplement that is possible to make. We've studied all the research papers and believe our unique process yields the purest, highest strength, most natural and bioavailable supplement, that you can get.

Have a look at our full process from start to finish to find out more.

Why don't we use extract straight from the broccoli seed?

It would certainly be a lot easier! Unfortunately though, broccoli seeds are rich in an omega-9 fatty acid called erucic acid which studies have shown to be damaging to heart tissue.

Erucic acid is classified as a natural toxicant but the sprout actually depletes this acid during it's sprouting process.

This is the main reason why some seed based supplements will contain a warning to avoid prolonged use of the supplement.

SulfaMax™ is a broccoli sprout supplement, made from 100% organically grown broccoli sprouts. We actually believe it's the very best sulforaphane supplement that you can buy - have a look at how we make it to see why.

How do we achieve such a high-strength sulforaphane content?

There are several things we do, which we cover in more detail on our 'Why SulfaMax™? - the Goodness Explained' page, but to summarise:

  • we use the best variety of broccoli seed (known for its higher sulforaphane production);
  • we harvest the sprouts at exactly the right time to achieve optimum sulforaphane content;
  • we then gently freeze dry the sprouts which keeps up to 98% of their nutritional value while reducing weight by 80% - allowing for 5x the amount of sprouts per serving.

The freeze drying process also improves sulforaphane production by approximately 1-2 fold due to a process of reducing the sulforaphane nitrile formation (which is a compound that the body doesn't need).

We then add our BioActiva™ One complex which is a formula we've developed to boost the myrosinase activation and also help further with bioavailability.

And that's it. Fresh, natural, pure, goodness...superpowered.

Can 'high-strength' actually be 'too high-strength'?

There is no known upper limit of sulforaphane intake and tests have been carried out whereby humans have consumed significant amounts of raw broccoli sprouts daily with no adverse side effects. Our bodies are very adapt at using what they require and disposing of the rest.

When will I notice the health benefits of sulforaphane?

This varies from person to person with some people experiencing benefits within the first few days, and others seeing benefits after a couple of months. What is the same for everyone however, is how fast sulforaphane gets to work within the body. It activates the Nrf2 pathway (see The Science) within 30 minutes - meaning cells all over your body are starting to process instructions on what they need to do in order to perform at their optimum level.

The benefits of sulforaphane on your health and wellbeing are indisputable and cover a wide spectrum. Visit the Sulforaphane Knowledge Centre to read more about the specific benefits that interest you.